Monday, January 18, 2010

The Fuss About Painkillers

There's so much fuss about painkillers being labeled as dangerous drugs. Thanks to celebrities who have committed suicides due to prescription drug abuse that a lot of misinformation and myths have become widespread. The downside of it is that people who need to be treated with painkillers opt not to get the treatment for fear of getting addicted or worse, dying of accidental overdose.

However, experts believe that when taken as prescribed, painkillers are highly effective and beneficial. Many people pride themselves about toughing it out than to depend on pain medications. Refusing treatment despite severe pain not only put their health at risk, but uncontrolled pain can also affect their daily function, mood, sleep, energy level, ability to do their jobs, as well as marital relationships.

Recent studies actually show that persistent pain causes changes in the brain and spinal cord which results to more pain. On the other hand, people whose pain is controlled, those who take medications or surgery eventually have fewer complications, get out of the hospital faster and recover better.

Author: Ramon Bravante

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