Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Crowing About Chronic Pain

If you're suffering from chronic pain, you have so much to crow about. A life of chronic pain is not easy. It interferes with daily function such as walking, playing, working, or even the ability to take care of one's self. And once depression, anxiety, stress, and anger set in, these can make the pain even worse. These negative emotions can reduce the body's natural painkillers and may increase the body's sensitivity to pain.

The origins of chronic pain may be any of the following injury: sports injuries, back injuries, or car accidents. Or it could also be caused by health conditions such as migraines, diabetes, arthritis, shingles, and cancer.

However, there are cases when there is no obvious cause of the chronic pain, no trauma or injury people can point to as a source of their chronic pain problem. And this can be very frustrating for both patients and their doctors.

It’s a good thing that today’s pain specialists have effective treatments to provide pain relief. These advances have emerged in the past several years, as researchers have gained a greater understanding of chronic pain and how it develops.

Author: Ramon Bravante

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