Monday, April 19, 2010

Labor Pain Relief for First-Time Mothers

Relief from labor pain is the fruit of careful preparation both from the new mothers and those that support and care for them. Below are some tips to minimize labor pain:

1. Entrust the birth to a considerate practitioner. New moms can choose between midwives and doctors, but the bottom line is that the practitioner they chose to assist them in giving birth must be supportive of their want to experience a natural birth and has the expertise to provide them with the necessary care.

2. Get the services of a professional doula. If a new mom can afford it, hiring a professional doula during the pregnancy term, labor, and postpartum period to provide physical and emotional support. Although family and friends can serve the same purpose, a doula is knowledgeable and experienced in childbirth so she can give new moms professional and expert help.

3. Study labor positioning and other labor techniques. There are several positions new moms can choose to assume during labor. Standing and walking or simply sitting are just some of the positions new moms can try during labor. These positions help mothers to tolerate the contractions and align babies so they can be delivered easily.

Author: Kristine Gonzaga


  1. Expecting mothers can also use hypnotherapy to help prepare for childbirth. Use hypnosis visualization to remain in control of birth experience and move through contractions smoothly.

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