Friday, March 12, 2010

Magnetic Impulses To Ease Migraine

Even if there are over-the-counter medications available to help ease migraine attacks, many sufferers find them to be ineffective. That is why scientists have started experimenting on magnetic impulses known as single-pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation, or sTMS, as treatment to migraine attacks.

In the past, research studies made use of large devices that are not suitable and expensive to use outside the clinic. This time, they experimented on hand-held devices which proved to be effective in preventing migraine attacks. In addition to relieving pain, sTMS is non-invasive and doesn't have any side effect.

Migraine with aura is characterized by symptoms of bright lights or shimmering zigzag lines, a few minutes prior to an intense headache. As experts try to understand the actual mechanisms of migraine, researchers have found out that administration of sTMS during the study have effectively decreased progression of the headache in some participants.

More research, however, is needed to know what is the best dosage to establish cost-effectiveness and optimum timing of the treatment.

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