Monday, December 7, 2009

Natural Pain Relief Tricks For Childbirth

Childbirth hurts. There really isn't any other way to sugarcoat the obvious, and it doesn't make sense if you try and make it politically correct. The grim reality is that natural childbirth hurts like hell, which is why women tend to split other people's ears when giving birth. Still, the various benefits to both mother and baby when undergoing a natural childbirth process are usually enough to outweigh the consideration of pain. Any woman that decides to go for the natural birth procedure had better be prepared for the pain. Part of the preparation process for something like this is the intimate knowledge and application of a variety of natural pain relief tricks and methods.

The absence of pain killers introduced into the mother's bloodstream eliminates the chances of those medications being introduced into the baby's system. While this phenomenon is rare, it has been known to occur, leaving newborns lethargic due to the drug's effects. In the absence of these medications, one of the foremost ways for a woman to control – or at least manage – the pain of childbirth lies in one of the most basic of human actions: breathing. Breathing can be used as a natural pain relief method if done in a certain manner, which is one of the reasons for it being almost stereotypically used as advice for women during childbirth. Breathing gets more oxygen to both the mother and the baby, along with improving the mother's ability to relax through the contractions.

Movement can actually be used as a natural pain relief method. Part of the problem with the hospital setup for natural childbirth is the fact that the mother isn't allowed to move or change positions. This is because of all the monitoring equipment that generally gets attached to the mother, making sure all of her vital signs are fine and she (and the baby) are in no immediate danger. However, being able to change positions can help relieve muscle pains, while a standing position can actually make the baby's movement through the birth canal much easier, thanks to the help of gravity. Freedom of movement also helps by allowing the mother to choose the most comfortable position for her to release the baby into the world.

Massage has been known to act as a sort of natural pain relief option for women undergoing childbirth, though not all women may experience the benefits. The lower back and the shoulders are prime spots for massage if the intention is to help reduce stress and pain, particularly during labor. The relaxing effect of a good massage can also go a long way in making it easier to bear the contractions needed to get the baby out of the mother's birth canal. Some attention to the lower back can also be spared to help relieve pressure on the back muscles, though the pressure there has to be much firmer than on other areas of the body. For some women, the additional application of heat – such as water bags filled with warm, but not hot, water – can also help the muscles relax better during childbirth.

Water is perhaps one of the most natural pain relief options for childbirth available. The natural buoyancy of water can help relieve the pressure on the muscles of the lower back during labor. It can also help by giving a natural relaxing effect to the body, soothing cramped and tired muscles. It should be noted that not all hospitals can offer this option, and it may not be advisable to give birth in a natural body of water, so this might not be available to all women.


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